Ashley Tisdale general characteristics

Ashley Tisdale's fundamental needs, values, and orientation towards life are symbolized by the four astrological elements. Each person has their own unique balance of these four basic energies: fire (warmth, inspiration, enthusiasm), earth (practicality, realism, material interests), air (social and intellectual qualities), and water (emotional needs and feelings).

Kết quả hình ảnh cho general information about Ashley Tisdale

Tisdale's "elemental make-up" is described below. Remember that most people are "unbalanced" or lopsided, and if Ashley is lacking or deficient in a certain element (or elements), it simply means that she needs to consciously develop that particular aspect in order to appreciate and/or work harder in that dimension of life.

Sometimes we overestimate the element that we are least endowed with, sensing it as a lack within ourselves, but more often we neglect or ignore it. The qualities described below will be reiterated and explained in more detail in the following pages.

She is a nurturer and a protector and is prone to what has sometimes been referred to as the "Atlas Syndrome" - namely, carrying the weight of the world on her shoulders. Ashley Tisdale assumes responsibilities in her relationships very conscientiously and often takes on more than her share of the troubles as well. Though Tisdale appears (and indeed often is) rather passive, she possesses a great deal of quiet inner strength and the ability to flow with and repeatedly endure life's inevitable adversities. She is apt to be surrounded by people who rely on her, and though Ashley Tisdale derives much satisfaction from providing, giving, and being needed, she can also let herself be drained emotionally and/or financially by taking care of other people and not caring sufficiently for herself.

Ashley Tisdale has a very strong need for security and she places safety first. She is unlikely to make sudden changes or to take new directions that involve risk and unpredictability. Any break from the past is very difficult for Ashley and she needs a great deal of support when trying to make even healthy and positive changes in her life or habits. ("Habit" is a key word for Ashley Tisdale as she is apt to be very attached to hers!)

She is very retentive. Ashley Tisdale holds on (and sometimes clings) to the people, places and ways she is familiar with. She also tends to repress feelings, and she may need to learn to express and let go of old feelings and past conditioning.

Physically, Ashley Tisdale is apt to be hearty and substantial, with a tendency to be stout. Unless other astrological factors indicate otherwise, she can also be downright lazy, especially when it comes to exercise. Ashley instinctively chooses comfort over challenge. (This is true in a broader sense as well, not only regarding physical exercise).

Her strengths include depth of feeling, patience, and generosity. The qualities that Ashley Tisdale needs to cultivate include initiative, openness to change and new experience, and a stronger sense of self.

Ashley Tisdale tends to lack the ability to analyze herself or her life in a detached, objective way. Ashley feels and experiences but does not necessarily understand or reflect upon her experience, and thus finds it hard to talk about it. Really taking in what someone else has to say can be hard for Ashley Tisdale - she does not readily adapt to new ideas or people, and as a result may become inflexible or limit her experience of life. Broadening her education and gaining exposure to different cultures is very beneficial to Ashley. Otherwise she is apt to be rigid and even prejudiced against those outside her own circle. (This may be manifested in arthritic conditions, poor flexibility, or poor circulation).

She also tends to distrust people who communicate freely or to feel inferior to those who are more articulate and intellectual than she is. Ashley Tisdale learns much more readily by watching, doing or apprenticing than by reading or being told about something.

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The Darkening of Ashley Tisdale

The Call Sheet sifts through the day's glut of Hollywood news to find the stories even non-industry types care about. Today: A Disney girl is trying to grow up, Joseph Fiennes heads to the loony bin, and Chris Hemsworth has a whale of a tale to tell you.

Most people, well OK creeps who watch this kind of stuff, probably know Ashley Tisdale from High School Musical, those sugary songfests in which she played theater diva Sharpay (like the dog) Evans. Well, those movies were likeyears ago, and now Ashley Tisdale wants to grow up. So, she recently signed on to star in Scary Movie 5, which will likely involve lots of filthy sex jokes and stuff because that's what they do, and now it's been announced that Tisdale will be doing a two-episode arc on biker gang show Sons of Anarchy playing a meddling escort. Why Ms. Tisdale! Such tawdry affairs! What would Zac Efron say? Oh, he would say "I just got peed on by Nicole Kidman." OK. Well, then, carry on.

The Bard lives! And he's in love again. Joseph Fiennes, who played Shakespeare a while back and then didn't do much afterward, is close to signing a deal to be on the second season of American Horror Story. He would play the head of the mental institution where the season takes place and would be having a May/December affair with none other than Ms. Jessica Lange. So, regardless of what else Fiennes has to do on the show, it is worth it for that. Just to have Jessica Lange's hot, clammy hands scratching at his face, her eyes all glassy and crow-like as she gushes about her love. I mean, that's any actor's dream. Or at least it should be. Here's hoping you do it, Billy.

Chris Hemsworth attacked by sperm! Chris Hemsworth repeatedly rammed! Yes, hunkish hunk Chris Hemsworth, fresh off being Thor and the Huntsman, is now signing on to a very particular kind of movie: A whale disaster movie! He'll be playing the lead in In the Heart of the Sea, and adaptation of Nathaniel Philbrick's harrowing and engrossing nonfiction adventure about the 19th century whaling disaster that inspired Moby Dick. The ship, out of Nantucket, was pursued and repeatedly struck by some sort of vengeance crazed sperm whale and sunk, sending the survivors on a crazy ocean-crossing ordeal to get home. So Chris Hemsworth will soon be all wet and salty while walking around at half mast. On the boat, you gross-os.

Showtime has ordered two pilots to series: Liev Schreiber's Ray Donovan, which is basically a male version of Scandal set in L.A., and Masters of Sex, which is of course a docu series about the making of the High School Musicalfilms. Ha, no, it's about Jessica Lange and Joseph Fiennes. No it's about us and Chris Hemsworth. NO. It's about two real-life sexologists, Williams Masters and Virginia Johnson, who were pioneers in the sex research field in the 1960s. They will be played by Michael Sheen and Lizzy Caplan, which is very exciting. Hopefully it's not just Californication in period costume, though. Anyway, congrats to all.

"Lifetime Nears Series Order To Lance Bass Celebrity Yard Sale Reality Series." Do you really need any more info than that? Not sure you need any more than that to get what this news is all about. Can't wait to see Joey Fatone sitting on a blanket in Lance Bass's front yard with a price tag hanging off his ear. "Five dollars??" says a neighbor. "Hm... I'll give you two."
The cast of Steve McQueen's Twelve Years a Slave just keeps getting better. It already stars Chiwetel Ejiofor, Brad Pitt, Michael Fassbender, Paul Giamatti, Paul Dano, Garrett Dillahunt, Sarah Paulson, Taran Killam, and Benedict Cumberbatch. And now it also features Alfre Woodard. She'll play "Mistress Shaw, a former slave who has risen in the Southern caste system." So, that sounds pretty great

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Ashley Tisdale & Christopher French: Daytime Emmy Duo

They’re always up for a smashing good time, and on Friday (June 20) Ashley Tisdale and Christopher French headed over to the Westin Bonaventure Hotel for the 2014 Daytime Creative Arts Emmy Awards Gala.

The betrothed lovers opted for matching black and grey ensembles as they posed for photos ahead of the big event.

And though the 41st Daytime Emmys was slammed by multiple media outlets with words like “trainwreck” and “disaster,” host Kathy Griffin manned the hosting duties and made sure the winners got their due recognition.

The honorees of the 2014 Daytime Creative Arts Emmy Awards are:

Outstanding Drama Series
WINNER: The Young and the Restless (CBS)
The Bold and the Beautiful (CBS)
Days of Our Lives (NBC)
One Life to Live (

Outstanding Culinary Series

WINNER: The Mind of a Chef (PBS)
A Moveable Feast With Fine Cooking (PBS)
Beer Geeks (Syndicated)
Bobby Flay’s Barbecue Addiction (Food Network)
Giada at Home (Food Network)
My Grandmother’s Ravioli (Cooking Channel)

Outstanding Game Show
WINNER: Jeopardy! (Syndicated)
The American Bible Challenge (Game Show Network)
The Chase (Game Show Network)
Let’s Make a Deal (CBS)
The Price Is Right (CBS)
Wheel of Fortune (Syndicated)

Outstanding Legal/Courtroom Show
WINNER: The People’s Court (Syndicated)
Divorce Court (Syndicated)
Judge Judy (Syndicated)
Justice for All With Christina Perez (Syndicated)

Outstanding Morning Show

WINNER: Good Morning America (ABC)
CBS Sunday Morning (CBS)
CBS This Morning (CBS)
Today Show (NBC)

Outstanding Talk Show/Information
WINNER: Steve Harvey (Syndicated)
The Chew (ABC)
The Dr. Oz Show (Syndicated)
Dr. Phil (Syndicated)

Outstanding Talk Show/Entertainment
WINNER: The Ellen DeGeneres Show (Syndicated)
Live! With Kelly and Michael (Syndicated)
Rachael Ray (Syndicated)
The Talk (CBS)
The View (ABC)

Outstanding Entertainment News Show
WINNER (TIE): Entertainment Tonight (CBS)
WINNER (TIE): Extra (Syndicated)
Access Hollywood (NBC)
E! News (E!)
TMZ (Syndicated)

Outstanding Special Class Special
WINNER: The Young and the Restless: Jeanne Cooper Tribute (CBS)
A World of Dreams: Voices From the OUT100 (Here TV)
Disney Parks Christmas Day Parade (ABC)
mun2 News Special: Hecho en America (mun2)

Outstanding Lead Actress Drama
WINNER: Eileen Davidson, Days of Our Lives (Kristin)
Katherine Kelly Lang, The Bold and the Beautiful (Brooke)
Heather Tom, The Bold and the Beautiful (Katie)
Arianne Zucker, Days of Our Lives (Nicole)

Outstanding Lead Actor Drama
WINNER: Billy Miller, The Young and the Restless (Billy)
Peter Bergman, The Young and the Restless (Jack)
Doug Davidson, The Young and the Restless (Paul)
Christian LeBlanc, The Young and the Restless (Michael)
Jason Thompson, General Hospital (Patrick)

Outstanding Supporting Actress Drama
WINNER: Amelia Heinle, The Young and the Restless (Victoria)
Melissa Claire Egan, The Young and the Restless (Chelsea)
Jane Elliot, General Hospital (Tracy)
Elizabeth Hendrickson, The Young and the Restless (Chloe)
Kelly Sullivan, General Hospital (Connie)

Outstanding Supporting Actor Drama
WINNER: Eric Martsolf, Days of Our Lives (Brady)
Bradford Anderson, General Hospital (Damian)
Steve Burton, The Young and the Restless (Dylan)
Scott Clifton, The Bold and the Beautiful (Liam)
Dominic Zamprogna, General Hospital (Dante)

Outstanding Younger Actress Drama
WINNER: Hunter King, The Young and the Restless (Summer)
Kristen Alderson, General Hospital (Kiki)
Lindsey Godfrey, The Bold and the Beautiful (Caroline)
Kim Matula, The Bold and the Beautiful (Hope)
Kelly Missal, One Life to Live (Danielle)

Outstanding Younger Actor Drama
WINNER: Chandler Massey, Days of Our Lives (Will)
Bryan Craig, General Hospital (Morgan)
Chad Duell, General Hospital (Michael)
Max Ehrich, The Young and the Restless (Fenn)
Daniel Polo, The Young and the Restless (Jamie)

Outstanding Culinary Host
WINNER: Bobby Flay, Bobby Flay’s Barbecue Addiction (Food Network)
Giada De Laurentiis, Giada at Home (Food Network)
April Bloomfield, The Mind of a Chef (PBS)
Rachael Ray, Rachael Ray’s Week in a Day (Food Network)

Outstanding Game Host
WINNER: Steve Harvey, Family Feud (Syndicated)
Wayne Brady, Let’s Make a Deal (CBS)
Jeff Foxworthy, The American Bible Challenge (Game Show Network)
Todd Newton, Family Game Night (Hub Network)

Outstanding Talk Show Host
WINNER (TIE): Dr. Mehmet Oz, The Dr. Oz Show (Syndicated)
WINNER (TIE): Katie Couric, Katie (ABC)
Rachel Ray, Rachel Ray (Syndicated)
Julie Chen, Sara Gilbert, Sharon Osbourne, Aisha Tyler, Sheryl Underwood, The Talk (CBS)
Whoopi Goldberg, Jenny McCarthy, Sherri Shepherd, Barbara Walters, The View (ABC)

Outstanding Drama Series/Writing Team

WINNER: The Young and the Restless
The Bold and the Beautiful
Days of Our Lives

Outstanding Drama Series/Directing Team

WINNER: One Life to Live
The Bold and the Beautiful
The Young and the Restless

Outstanding Drama Series/Casting Dept.
WINNER: General Hospital
The Bold and the Beautiful
Days of Our Lives
The Young and the Restless

Outstanding Drama Series/Original Song
WINNER: “Parachute,” All My Children
“A Love That Never Ends,” Days of Our Lives
“Make Me Remember,” The Young and the Restless
“While We Can,” The Young and the Restless

Outstanding Drama Series/Costume Design (Tie)
WINNER (TIE): The Bold and the Beautiful
WINNER (TIE): The Young and the Restless
Days of Our Lives
General Hospital

Outstanding Drama Series/Hair Styling
WINNER: The Bold and the Beautiful
Days of Our Lives
One Life to Live
The Young and the Restless

Outstanding Drama Series/Makeup (Tie)
WINNER (TIE): The Bold and the Beautiful
WINNER (TIE): General Hospital
Days of Our Lives
The Young and the Restless

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Ashley Tisdale's Big New Life

Ashley Tisdale, 29, has come a long way since graduating from her High School Musical days. Now she's starring in a new sitcom, leading a female-friendly production company and ruling social media, with a 43 million follow footprint. And she's got a hot tip about a new workout you have to try.

James WhiteAshley Tisdale has always been hungry to succeed—at first, almost literally. By the time she was 10 years old, the New Jersey-born actress had been in 100 commercials, most of them food-related. "I was always getting the food commercials because my 'bite and react'—where you take a bite of something and you react after it—was really good. My mom was like, 'This kid loves to eat!'" she recalls, laughing.

She's still got that hunger for the right roles. This month, Ashley stars in the TBS sitcomClipped, from the creators ofWill & Grace. "This is my most mature role," Ashley says over coffee at a café in Burbank, Calif. "I have never felt more confident with who I am," she adds, talking with her hands, her fingernails a perfect light lavender. "I'm turning 30, so maybe it has something to do with age, but I love it."

As the founder of Blondie Girl Productions, Ashley is also the executive producer of the sitcomYoung & Hungry on ABC Family. And next year, she'll appear in the indie film Drive, She Said, a comedy with Jason Biggs. But her favorite production of the past year was her own wedding: In September, she married musician Christopher French.

As for how she keeps up her drive, she credits working out every day. And before she leaves today to meet her trainer, she shares her secret to sticking with workouts, what she regrets most and why being tenacious is her biggest weapon.

What's the most important thing you do to feel great?
Dedicate at least an hour every day to something fitness-related. Any physical activity helps your health and is also a good stress reliever. Monday, Wednesday and Friday I work with my trainer, Jason Walsh. I do kickboxing on Thursday. And I'll squeeze in a sculpt yoga class on, like, Tuesday.

What workouts do you like most and least?
Yoga is my favorite thing to do because it's so much more than a workout. It's a spiritual and mentally-good-for-you experience. Cardio is not my favorite. I usually do the StairMaster, but to be on one machine for a long time? It's hard for me to just stay there. My trainer has this amazing class he opened called Rise Nation. It's a climber, and a great class because you're doing it to music and not by yourself on a machine. It's 30 minutes but so hard-core. I'm not a big spin fan.

Why don't you like to spin?
I'm going to be the spin hater now. [Laughs] I used to do SoulCycle, but a ton of trainers have told me that spinning is good but you're not burning as much as you think you are. And it bulks you up in places you probably don't want. My body started to change for the better when I stopped doing it. I also leaned out so much just by walking. Even if you do 12,000 steps a day, you lose, like, a pound a week. But you have to find the time. It takes so long!

What do you have to work the hardest on to keep fit?
Diet, because I love food. You can work out as much as you want, but if your diet isn't where it should be, you're never going to get to where you want to go. Just because you do an hour of exercise, what about the rest of the hours of the day? [Laughs] An hour is not a lot. There are 23 more hours. What are you going to do with them?

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Actress and Philanthropist Ashley Tisdale and Former Twitter CEO Dick Costolo Named as Honorees at CoachArt's Annual 2015 Gala of Champions

LOS ANGELES, Oct. 7, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Actress and founder of Blondie Girl Productions, Ashley Tisdale and Dick Costolo, former Twitter CEO will be honored at this year's 11th annual Gala of Champions, hosted by CoachArt, a Los Angeles-based nonprofit organization that provides arts and recreational opportunities to youth with chronic and life-threatening illnesses. Taking place at the Beverly Hilton on October 15, Tisdale will receive this year's "Courage and Hope" award while Costolo will receive the "Heart and Humanity" award.

The annual Gala, held each October, honors individuals who show exceptional professional success and personal humanitarianism. Together, business leaders, entertainment executives, community members, volunteers and CoachArt families gather in support of CoachArt's mission to create a transformative arts and athletics community for families impacted by childhood chronic illness. Past Gala of Champions honorees include Chandra Wilson, actress from TV-series Grey's Anatomy, Jeremy Zimmer, co-founder and CEO of UTA and TV anchors Robin Roberts and her sister Sally-Ann Roberts.

"It's always an honor to be able to recognize the dedication, commitment and incredible impact our Champions have made to the CoachArt community," said Dr. Kara Allen Soldati, Executive Director of CoachArt. "It is incredibly powerful to see so many friends, families, colleagues and stakeholders come together to celebrate our mission. I am truly grateful for the tremendous support."

Since its beginning in 2001, CoachArt uses the proven power of arts and athletics to spark student's imagination and build confidence by providing long-term, no-cost arts and athletic opportunities for chronically ill children and their siblings. In 2014 alone, CoachArt's highly-skilled volunteers provided 20,000 free lesson hours to more than 2,000 children. Currently, CoachArt works with more than 1,500 volunteer coaches and community partners to serve nearly 2,000 students annually.

"It's important for me to use my voice and platform to help others and to create awareness around causes and organizations I feel passionate about," said Tisdale. "I've had the pleasure of working with CoachArt and witnessing how these amazing kids and families personally benefit from the lessons in the arts and athletics that CoachArt provides. I am so honored to stand with them at this gala."

In 2014, the Gala saw more than 650 attendees that helped raise nearly $1 million. Last year's Champions included Walt Disney Company Executive Vice President Kevin Mayer and Los Angeles Clippers basketball player Matt Barnes.

About Ashley Tisdale
Ashley Tisdale is an actress, philanthropist, performer, and producer, with an extensive body of work in television, film, musicals, recording and production. Having been discovered in her hometown of Monmouth County, New Jersey at the age of three, Ashley quickly garnered attention and became one of the breakout stars of the Emmy Award-winning Disney Channel worldwide phenomenon "High School Musical," as well as a number of other successful television shows and feature films. Most recently, Ashley starred in the TBS comedy series "Clipped" and will soon be seen on the big screen alongside Jason Biggs in the independent comedy "Drive She Said." Ashley is also a successful recording artist, with her solo album, "Headstrong," which debuted in February 2007 and entered the Billboard Top 200 Chart at #5. Having founded Blondie Girl Productions, the production company behind ABC Family's "Young & Hungry," Ashley plays a pivotal role both in front of and behind the camera.

About Dick Costolo
Dick Costolo, former CEO of Twitter, has been dubbed as "one of Silicon Valley's most impressive CEOs." Prior to his CEO appointment, Dick served as Chief Operating Officer at Twitter, as well as Group Product Manager at Google Inc., Chief Operating Officer of 724 Solutions, and co-founder and CEO of FeedBurner. In May 2011, President Obama appointed Costolo to the National Security Telecommunications Advisory Committee, along with other top tech executives. Prior to joining some of Silicon Valley's top tech companies, Dick held an impressive career in improvisational comedy, where he performed with Chicago's Annoyance Theater and at various comedy festivals across the country. Dick holds a B.S. in Computer Science from the University of Michigan, Ann Arborand has been recognized by UM with an honorary Doctor of Laws degree.

About CoachArt
CoachArt provides a transformative learning community for children impacted by chronic illness by providing no-cost lessons in the arts and athletics. CoachArt was founded in 2000 by Zander Lurie and Leah Bernthal, in memory of Zander's father, Dr. Arthur Lurie, a cardiac surgeon who recognized the need for long-term support and enrichment amongst the pediatric patient population. Today, CoachArt offers high-quality arts and athletics activities to over 2,000 children in the Los Angeles and San Francisco Bay Areas with the support of 1,500 volunteers and community partners.

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